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"Whose Money Is It Anyway?"

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Rabbi Kamenetsky, a musmach of the esteemed Beth Medrash Govoha, Lakewood, New Jersey, is the Shoel U'Maishiv in the Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia. He has lectured and given shiurim all across the the country, most recently this past summer as a Scholar In Residence in Chicago and Los Angeles for kollelim and shuls in those communities.


The tapes listed below are from an ongoing shiur given by Rabbi Kamenetsky on the difficult perek (chapter) of "Chailek" in Maseches (tractate) Sanhedrin. They are both imformative and thought provoking, dealing with the basic issues in Yahadus (Judaism)-- such as the concepts of the afterlife and ressurection, and life and death -- in a very clear fashion. To purchase the tapes or for further information, please contact Rabbi Kamenetsky at or

1) Introduction to Aggada - Olom Haboh Ayin Lo Ro’aso

2) All Jews Have a Chelek in Olom Haboh

3) L’olam Yirshu Eretz

4) ...Who Have No Portion in Olam Hoboh

5) The Joy of Olam Haboh; Gentiles and Olam Haboh

6) The purpose of punishment

7) Death - A Process of Purification

8) Mido B'Mida - T'chiyas Hameisim

9) Emunoh - Pikadon

10) Mido B'Mida - Chanukah

11) Burial in Judaism

12) T’Chiyas Hameisim - Outside of E. Yisroel

13) The Sanctity of T’rumoh

14) T’chiyas Hameisim - The Five Indeterminate P'sukim

15) T’chiyas Hameisim - Sif’so Dov’vos Bekaver

16) T’chiyas Hameisim - Power of Speech

17) T’chiyas Hameisim - V’otem Hadveikim

18) The Secret of Time - Knowing the Future

19) Kares - The Books of Heretics

20) T’chiyas Hameisim vs. V’ach’riso Adei Oveid - Purim

21) Clothes & The Tzelem Elokim

22) Body & Clothes - Edom

23) Life From Earth

24) Chomer vs. Tzurah - Pesach

25) T'chiyas Hameisim - The Glassblower

26) T'chiyas Hameisim - Life From Earth

27) The Claims Against the Right of the Jews to E. Yisroel

28) The Order of the Toroh - Yaakov and Yisroel

29) The Body & Soul Conflict

30) Antoninus & Rebbe - Shavuos

31) Antoninus & Rebbe - Sunset: Tz’losah D'Avrohom

32) Antoninus & Rebbe - The Sun & Edom

33) The Souls and Their Connection to the Body

34) Antoninus & Rebbe - Yetzer Hara and the Body

35) Three levels of Golus Yisroel

36) Antoninus & Rebbe - The Din of Rosh Hashono

37) Yitzchok Avinu - Din of Rosh Hoshono; T'chiyas Hameisim

38) Antoninus & Rebbe - Shkiyas HoChamo Avrohom Avinu

40) Antoninus & Rebbe - Sh’nei Goyim B’vitneich

41) Antoninus & Rebbe - Yetzer Haro

42) They Arise Blemished & Are Then Cured; The S’chok of Yitzchok

43) Death After Life - Bila Homoves LoNetzach

44) The Ohr HaGanuz - Chanuka

45) Tzipisa L’Yishua? Toras Moshioch

46) Chanuka - Moshiach / Olom HaBoh

47) Moshiach - Rambam

48) Ikvasa D’Moshiach - Meimis U’michayeh; Machatzti V’ani Erpah

49) Ani Amis VaAchayeh; T'chiyas Hameisim from the Torah

50) Oz Yoshir - Shira Chadasha; T'chiyas Hameisim (Song & Music I)

51) Oz Yashir - The Secret of Oz (Song & Music II)

52) Song & Music III

53) Song & Music IV

54) Shiras HaYom (Song & Music V)

55) Korbanos - Todah; T’chiyas Hameisim

56) Ashrei Yoshvei Veisechoh; T'chiyas Hameisim (Song & Music VI)

57) Hashir Yi’yeh Lachem - Pesach (Song & Music VII)

58) Yitzchok Yiranein T’chiyas Hameisim

59) A Rebbe’s Responsibility to Bring Out His Talmid’s Potential

60) Leadership -B’Nachas

61) Responsible Leadership - Lag B’Omer

62) A leader’s Responsibility

63) Leadership - Shavuos [Megilas Rus]

64) T’Chiyas Hameisim - Abarbanel

65) Reuvein - The B’chor of Olam Habo

66) Gilgul - Reincarnation I

67) Gilgul - Reincarnation II

68) Gilgul - Reincarnation III

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