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"Keeping One's Word in Business -
Mechusrei Emunah

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Rabbi Nachum Sauer is the rosh Kollel of the Yeshiva of Los Angeles. He received Semicha from Harav Yosef Dov Soloveichik zt"l under whom he studied for seven years. He is also an alumnus of the Mirrer Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He is a member of the Choshen Mishpat Bei Din of the Rabbinical Council of California. Rabbi Sauer has lectured widely on many contemporary Halachic issues. He is well known for his ability to present complex Halachic issues in a clear and lucid style. In addition to the Choshen Misphpat tape series noted below, he also has developed a series on Jewish Medical Halacha.

List of Choshen Mishpat Tapes By Rabbi N. Sauer, YULA

NOTE: * Denotes a 2-tape set

CM 1. Hasogas G'vul- Encroaching on Another's Business *

CM 2. Ma'arufia - Stealing Clients *

CM 3. Ani HaMehapech Ba'Charara- Grabbing Opportunities from Others

CM 4. Halochos of Coping Tapes, Books, and Software *

CM 5. Coping Tapes- Compensation

CM 6. Laws of Standing on Lines

CM 7. Sho'el Shelo mi Da'as- Borrowing Without Permission *

CM 8. Living on Someone Else's Property *

CM 9. To'us Akum

CM 10. Dina D'Malchusa- Taxes

CM 11. Dina D'Malchusa- Bankruptcy

CM 12. Asmachta- Gambling

CM 13. Buying Stolen Goods

CM 14. Car Accidents- Determining Responsibility

CM 15. Determining Compensation for Damages

CM 16. Insurance Issues from Perspective of Halacha

CM 17. Halochos of Borrowing Someone's Car

CM 18. Professionals Who Give Bad Advice

CM 19. Me'chusrei Emunah- Keeping One's Word in Business

CM 20. Hilchos Ona'ah- Overcharging and Underpaying

CM 21. Hilchos Ona'ah- Is there Ona'ah with Esrogim?

CM 22. Mekach To'us- Mistakes that Invalidate Transactions

CM 23. Profit Margins and Price Controls

CM 24. Priorities in Buying from a Jew over a non-Jew

CM 25. Marketing and Advertising- G'neivas Daas

CM 26. Laws of Shadchonus and Brokers- Paying the Shadchon

CM 27. Lifetime Contracts


CM 28. Fundamentals of Ribis

CM 29. Ribis MeUcheres and Ribis D'vorim

CM 30. Late Payment Penalties

CM 31. Lending Objects (So'oh be-So'oh)

CM 32. Buying on Credit

CM 33. Advance Payments and Buying on Discount

CM 34. Ribis in Voided Transactions

CM 35. Rentals and Ribis

CM 36. The Halachic Status of Banks and Corporations

CM 37. Heter Iskah- What Is It and How Does It Work?

CM 38. Credit Cards, Stocks, and Futures

CM 39. Ribis in Checks and Mortgages

CM 40. Loans in Foreign Currencies, Inflation

CM 41. Loans Through Agents, Consigners

 CM 42. Laws of Lending and Repayment of Loans


Each tape is approximately 90 minutes long.

$6 for a single tape, $8 for a 2-tape set.

Whole Choshen Mishpat Series: $225

Shipping and Handling charge is 5% of the total tape order.

To order tapes, send an e-mail with your name, address and phone number and the tape name(s) and number(s) that you wish to order to:   If you wish to receive information about Rabbi Sauer's tapes on Jewish Medical Halacha,  include your fax number, and Rabbi Sauer will fax you the tape brochure.

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