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February 24, 2001

The Harvard Jewish Law Students Association

Law, Judaism, and the State
March 6, 2001

Sponsored by Dewey Ballantine LLP

I. Jewish Law and State Authority
1 p.m.-3 p.m., Austin North, Harvard Law School

Questions to be Addressed:
--Is there a Jewish theory of the state?
--What is the relationship between the state's authority and Jewish law?
--Is there a difference when the state is non-Jewish?

J. David Bleich, Cardozo Law School, "Jewish Law in the Courts of the Jewish State"
Michael Broyde, Emory Law School, "The Obligation of Jews to Compel Observance of Noachide Law"
Suzanne Last Stone, Cardozo Law School, "Dina de-Malkhuta Dina (The Law of the State is Law)"
II. Criminal Law in Jewish and American Jurisprudence
3:30-5:30 p.m., Austin North, Harvard Law School

Questions to be Addressed:
--What are the principles of Jewish criminal law and how did they function?
--How do the values reflected in Jewish criminal law compare with those in American law?
--What do we learn from a comparison between the two systems? Can we evaluate American criminal law through "Jewish" eyes?

Rabbi Aryeh Klapper, Harvard University, "Jewish Criminal Law as a Functioning System?"
Samuel Levine, Fordham Law School, "Capital Punishment in Jewish and American Law"
Steven Resnicoff, DePaul Law School, "Self-Incrimination and Confessions in Jewish and American Law"
III. Dinner and Speaker
6 p.m., Harkness Commons South Dining Hall, Harvard Law School

Andrew Kaufman, Harvard Law School, "Benjamin Cardozo: A Jewish Judge?"

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