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June 1, 1999


Rabbi Sholom Kamenetsky of the Talmudic Yeshiva of Philadelphia has announced that he will be giving a course in mid-June in Manhattan on a comparison between the Jewish Court system and the Secular Court system, entitled, "Mock Trial -- Jewish Law, Civil Law." The date and place is June 17, 1999 at the Chemist's Club on 40 West 45th Street, between 5th and 6th. This course focuses on comparing the traditional Jewish approach to the various issues in a Bais Din and compares that approach with the approach of American law.

Because of the recent rule change in New York, all lawyers are now required to take at least 24 credit hours of approved Continuing Legal Education courses per two years of practice. This course satisfies eight credit hours, with the exact distribution of credits to be determined. (The credits include as least two and one half hours of the ethics requirements.)

Additionally, any lawyers who were admitted after 1997 are required to take 32 credit hours of approved Transitional Continuing Legal Education courses during their first two years of practicing law. This one-day course qualifies for transitional credits because it is an introductory course focusing on both Jewish and Secular court systems. The Talmudic Yeshiva of Philadelphia has been certified as a provider of CLE courses in New York.

These courses were first accredited for CLE credits in Pennsylvania. Rabbi Kamenetsky has successfully given similar courses for a number of years in Philadelphia to members of the Pennsylvania Bar. Rabbi Kamenetsky presented his first course on Talmudic law in May of 1995 to more than 20 attorneys. Most recently, Rabbi Kamenetsky presented the "Mock Trial" course to more than 40 Pennsylvania lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA.

Those interested in attending this course should contact Joel Weiss (212)596-9222 or Rabbi Kamenetsky at (215)877-5330. Appropriate arrangements will be made for those making a showing of financial hardship.

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