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    -- Yarmulke


  1. Harris v. New York State Athletic Commission
      392 NYS2d 70, 56 AD2d 835 (2 Dept, 1977)

    • Where athletic commission's refusal to allow boxer to wear yarmulke was out of safety concerns, no constitutional rights were violated.

  2. Close-it Enterprises v. Weinberger
      407 NYS2d 587, 64 AD2d 686 (2 Dept, 1978)

    • Lower court judge erred in ordering defendant to remove yarmulke before jury entered, thus causing defendant to leave courtroom out of religious conviction.

  3. Bishena v. Marriott
      No. 91-55225, 9th Circuit, 1992

    • Affirmed the D. Ct - that legitimate reasons for firing. Not discriminatory based on his yarmulke.
  4. Menora v Illinois High School Assoc.
      683 F. 2d 1030 (7th cir. 1982)

    • There is no constitutional right to play basketball.
  5. Closett Enterprises v. Weinberger
      64 A.D. 2d 686, 407 N.Y.S. 2d 587 (1978)

    • The trial judge ordered defendant to take off yarmulke or leave the courtroom. This was error.
  6. Bitterman v. Secretary of Defense
      553 F. Supp 719 (DC 1982)

    • This was a personal pref. He could be ordered not to wear.
  7. Weiner v. Time & Life Inc.
      133 Misc. 2d 622, 507 N.Y.S. 2d 784 (S. Ct NY County, 1986)

    • To say in an article that he didn't wear yarmulke in certain neighborhoods is not libel.
  8. Goldman v. Weinberger/US Air Force

  9. Miami Yeshiva Boys Basketball Team

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