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Divorce Mediation: Gentle Alternative to a Bitter Process
Rabbi Adam Berner

Rabbi Adam J. Berner is an attorney practicing family law in New York and mediation in the tri-state area. He is an adjunct professor in the Jewish Studies Department at Yeshiva University, Stern College for Women, has taught Family law at Cardozo Law School and trains attorneys, law students and corporate personnel in the process of mediation.

Rabbi Berner may be reached via email at or through his web site at

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  7. Compromised settlement should not be understood as a decision that both parties view as a compromise in the negative sense. Rather, psharah should be understood not as a substantive decision, but as a process of considering and integrating both sides of the dispute. The result might indeed be better than the two might have ever hoped for. See Bush, Baruch, The Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues, Vol. 3, No. 1, "Mediation and Adjudication, Dispute Resolution and Ideology: An Imaginary Conversation." Interested parties also may contact the author through Jewish Action magazine (333 7th Ave., NYC, NY, 10001) to receive a copy of his unpublished essay "Pshara: The law of Compromise & Justice in Jewish Jurisprudence" [Ed.].
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