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Books of Interest

Jewish Law maintains a list of books that may be of interest to our readers.
If you would to recommend additional items to add to the list, please contact Daniel Pollack, Editor

Title Author Category Publisher Year
Fossils & FaithNathan AviezerScience and TorahKtav2001
Fossils and Faith demonstrates the profound implications of modern science for religious belief. Professor Nathan Aviezer emphasizes that faith in God and accepting the truth of the Bible do not require the abandonment of rational thinking. Quite the contrary. Aviezer shows that scientific findings have become important tools for understanding many Biblical passages and for deepening one's faith. Fossils and Faith deals with the very essence of religion - faith, prayer, miracles, free will, the creation of mankind, genetic engineering, life on other planets, chaos, the interaction between God and the world - showing how recent advances in science touch on each of these subjects in important ways.

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