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Henri Rosenberg
Firm: Rosenberg Law Firm
Address: Belgielei 195 B, Antwerp, Belgium 2018
Phone: +3232188080
Fax: +3232305502
Area of Practice: Commercial, Family, Intellectual Property, International
Affiliation: Beis Mordchai (Sienowa), Antwerp
Law School: Antwerp University (UIA)
Year of Graduation: 1985
Bar Membership: Antwerp
Desc. of Practice: Advocate, Rabbinic Barrister, Professor of Jewish Law at the Faculty of Comparative Studies of Religions in Wilrijk-Antwerp (Belgium), Radboud University in Nijmegen (Holland)


David Pardes
Firm: Lallemand et Legros
Address: 19 Avenue Emile De Mot, Brussels, Belgium 1000
Phone: 02 629 88 77
Fax: 02 648 78 41
Area of Practice: Administrative Commercial International Litigation Mergers and Acquisition
Affiliation: Maale-Brussels
Law School: Université libre de Bruxelles
Year of Graduation: 1983
Bar Membership: Brussels
Desc. of Practice: Commercial Law; Corporate Law; European Law (teaching European Law at the Law Faculty of Bar Ilan University); International Law

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