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Gabriel Freedman
Firm: Saltzman & Freedman
Address: 40/4 Temach Hasadeh St., Maale Adumim, Israel 98380
Phone: 02-5901869
Fax: 02-5352953
Area of Practice: Family Labor and Employment Litigation
Affiliation: Musar Avicha
Law School: Hebrew U
Year of Graduation: 1998
Bar Membership:
Desc. of Practice: General practice based in Israel
Shimshon Halpern
Firm: Law Offices of Shimshon Halpern
Address: Haatzmaut 8, Even Yehuda, Israel, 40500
Phone: 972-9-8995965, 972-52-467437
Fax: 972-9-8995964
Area of Practice: Commercial Corporation Intellectual Property Mergers and Acquisition Products Liability
Affiliation: YU; Chabad
Law School: Harvard
Year of Graduation: 1964
Bar Membership: Michigan; New York
Desc. of Practice: Representing mostly Israeli and American companies
Ira Katz
Firm: Aboudi & Brounstein
Address: Kfar Saba, Israel
Phone: 09-764-4833
Area of Practice: Commercial Corporation International Mergers and Acquisition Technology
Affiliation:Kinor David
Law School: Cardozo Law School
Year of Graduation: 1987
Bar Membership: Connecticut, Israel
Desc. of Practice: Hi-Tech practice representing start-ups through exchange listed entities.
Aharon Korzen
Firm: Aharon Korzen Law Offices
Address: 12 Stamper St., Netanya, Israel P.O.B.1601 Netanya 42115
Phone: 09 8821488
Fax: 09 8612797
Area of Practice: Real Property
Affiliation: New shul Mcdonald st Netanya
Law School: Tel Aviv University
Year of Graduation: 1977
Bar Membership: Israel
Desc. of Practice: We deal in Family law, litigation, Real Estate,labor law, and wills and Estates. Aharon Korzen is a Canadian who has been in Israel since 1966.He is currently chairman of the Netanya Region of the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel.He was a shaliach aliya in Montreal Canada during the years 1982-1985. Alla Abstin an associate in the office is a recent immigrant from Russia,she worked as a lawyer in Moscow for ten years priot to her Aliya to Israel.
Russell D. Mayer
Firm: Livnat, Mayer & Co.
Address: Jerusalem Technology Park, Building # 98 - 4th Floor, P.O. Box 48193, Malcha, Jerusalem 91481 Israel
Phone: +972-2-679-9533
Fax: +972-2-679-9522
Area of Practice: Corporate, Banking & Finance
Law School: Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law of Y.U.
Year of Graduation: 1981
Bar Membership: New York, New Jersey and Israel
Desc. of Practice: International practice involving various aspects of corporate/ commercial law, Hi-Tech, Securities, Finance, Banking, Insurance Regulatory, Privatization, Technology Transfer/Intellectual Property, Media and Telecommunications, Real Estate, International Trade, and Litigation.
Carl M Sherer
Firm: Zell, Goldberg & Co.
Address: 31 Mishol Hadekalim Street, Jerusalem ISRAEL
Phone: 972-2-571-5030
Fax: 972-2-571-5031
Area of Practice: Commercial, Corporation, International Mergers and Acquisition, Securities
Affiliation: Chazon Ish, Ramat Shlomo, Jerusalem
Law School: NYU
Year of Graduation: 1984
Bar Membership: Israel, New York
Desc. of Practice: Zell, Goldberg & Co., the Israeli affiliate of the FANDZ International Law Group, has quickly established itself as one of Israelís fastest-growing business-oriented law firms. With offices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, together with affiliated offices in Washington, D.C. and Moscow, as well as in Europe through our Eurolegal membership, Zell, Goldberg acts on behalf of a wide spectrum of multinational and domestic clients with interests in Israel and throughout the world.

Zell, Goldberg provides its clientele with legal support in a broad range of legal disciplines including corporate finance and securities, venture capital, high-tech acquisitions and investments; bankruptcy and creditorsí rights; Internet and e-commerce; international commercial transactions; international investment law; international trade regulation; employment and labor law; domestic and international litigation and arbitration; international security and anti-terrorism law; bankruptcy; cross-border insolvency; banking law; real estate; tourism and hotels; public contract law; energy; health law; intellectual property law; international and domestic tax planning; government procurement law; competition law; administrative law and legislation; wills and estates; art and entertainment law; media and broadcast law; telecommunications law and other areas.

Zell, Goldberg combines an intimate knowledge of the regionís economic, political and social environment with a wealth of experience in complicated cross-border transactions, including both inbound and outbound investment in the high-tech and industrial arenas. With the changing global economy, particularly in the technology sector, Zell, Goldberg has assisted North American and European investors and strategic partners in dealing effectively with corporate re-organizations, creditor work-outs and refinancing plans vis-ŗ-vis Israeli public and private issuers. The Firmís intense international focus has resulted in what is almost certainly the highest concentration of lawyers practicing international law in a single firm in Israel.
Dean Weinreich
Firm: Innodata-Isogen
Address: GTI Technology Malcha, Building 23, 16th Floor, Jerusalem, 96951
Phone: 310-401-3156; 011-972-2-999-4590
Area of Practice: Labor and Employment
Law School: Washington University School of Law in St. Louis
Year of Graduation: 1993
Bar Membership: California
Desc. of Practice:

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