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Lawrence A. Kobrin reports the following recent case: "Carlson v. Carlson" re: parent's obligation to pay for study in Israel as part of divorce settlement:

"On the theory that everything eventually gets dragged into the courts, note a recent New York case in which the question was presented whether a year of study in Israel was properly part of the divorced father's obligation to pay for college tuition. Carlsen v. Carlsen, NY Sup. Ct., ( Richmond Co.) , NYLJ, 1/15/98, p. 36 col. 2.

The right conclusion was reached in the holding that for both a son and daughter, the year of study was part of the husband's obligation, including the longer time for college. That did not apply to a shana bet (i.e., a second, consecutive year of study in Israel) for one child, to which the father had objected."

January 21, 1998

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